Love the Sin, Hate the Conversion

American Evangelicalism has nothing to offer to the Kingdom if personal testimonies given at Christian colleges now have to be followed by prostration before the zeitgeist:

Students sat on the front steps of Edman Chapel holding signs and singing on Friday morning, Jan. 31, in a demonstration of solidarity and a desire to be heard before chapel guest Rosaria Champagne Butterfield gave her testimony and address to the Wheaton College community.

The demonstration, named “More Than a Single Story” by its organizers junior Justin Massey and sophomore Jordan-Ashley Barney, featured students holding signs that said “We’re all loved by God,” “This is not a protest,” “Rosaria’s story is valid, mine is too,” and “I’m gay and a beloved child of God. This is my story,” among many others. The students remained on the steps until just before chapel began, at which point they prayed together and then entered into the chapel to hear the message. Plans for the demonstration were formed on Wednesday, when Barney and Massey learned about Butterfield’s coming to Wheaton and heard from friends about their concern for the possibly negative impact that Butterfield’s story could have on Wheaton students.

What is Butterfield’s story? Oh, just one of conversion and repentance. One has to wonder if Massey and Barney would have protested had the only story told on that day been one akin to Andrew Sullivan’s. Those caught up in the zeitgeist don’t seem to truly desire an abundance of varied stories; after all, they are compelled to protest when one comes upon them and increasingly attempt to reduce the likelihood of one sneaking out.

Remember that time when Jesus, after calling people to repentance, then spent the day apologetically listening to his detractors tell him that His isn’t the only way? Yeah, me neither…

By the way, here is the Mission Statement and Motto of Wheaton College:

Our Mission:

Wheaton College serves Jesus Christ and advances His Kingdom through excellence in liberal arts and graduate programs that educate the whole person to build the church and benefit society worldwide.

Our Motto:

This mission expresses our commitment to do all things – “For Christ and His Kingdom.”

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  1. Mark McGee
    Posted February 10, 2014 at 5:09 pm | Permalink

    At my morning break I watched as Sportscenter spent a full 30 minute segment on Michael Sam’s announcement of being gay. Any agenda?

  2. Posted February 10, 2014 at 7:38 pm | Permalink

    Yes, this is a perfect example of the zeitgeist and a way to show which single story has been dominating the wider culture of late. Anyone that truly desires to hear more than a single story on this issue should only be happy to hear the unique account Butterfield has to offer. Their obvious struggle with her testimony gives the game away.

    I wish Michael Sam and the students from the original article the very best, regardless of how we obviously would disagree on many points of this issue. And Butterfield is a gracious example to everyone. My complaint is against an institution that clearly is not standing on any sort of solid rock, and is at risk of being blown any which way the culture moves. Any college that has advancing the Kingdom as part of its mission ought to have more courage than to react defensively about presenting a speaker with a story of repentance and transformation.

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